EGC Bullion Gold Trading LLC

E G C BULLION GOLD TRADING L.L.C   is a reliable and experienced precious metal Trading with reputation in the bullion industry. Established in 2022, Bullion Trading is undoubtedly the best place to buy and sell gold in UAE.

We, as precious metal Trading, trade exclusively in physical gold and silver bullion.

E G C BULLION GOLD TRADING L.L.C is located at Gold Center Building, Zone 5, 5th floor office no. 136.

Customer service is our top priority, and we strive to offer you the best customer satisfaction with all your gold and silver bullion needs. We offer the best gold, silver, and other precious metal prices in UAE with the highest-rated customer service.

Our Product’s

Gold Bar


Silver Bar


Gold Coins


Silver Coins


Gold Scrap

gold scrap





Our Services


With many years of experience in the market areas of precious metal. understands the logistical challenges that are faced by both the suppliers and consumers of these products. we are able to offer a range of services.

Where the customer / trader relationship is based in one place and buying and shipping goods from third country is the other base, has taught us the nuances of documentation and operational requirements very well. Our team understands the confidentiality as well as accurate / timely documentation requirements and assists customers on both thereby ensuring our customers realise their money quickly.

Higher Standards

We want to raise trading standards on a local and a global level. We believe this will give you a better and more sophisticated service. To do this we’re investing time and money in those service providers who form our strategic partner network to build the standard of their offering.

Precious Metal:

For many centuries, investments in precious metals, primarily in gold, have been a safe option for preserving and increasing personal wealth. Gold is a store of value, unique precious metal and a universal benchmark of value. Gold can be used as collateral. If you own gold, it is an undeniable indicator of wealth. The fact that in the long-run the price of gold has a potential to increase, provides an added appeal to this product. The price increase forecasts are based on past historical data reflecting the dynamics of gold prices in the global markets.


We believe in streamlined, open and transparent operations, so our pricing is as clear and precise as possible.

Excellence in precious metals:

We are committed to providing a flawless service for our clients regardless of their location, home currency, time zone or language. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and cater to your requirements.

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